Muziek als metafoor en inspiratiebron
En welk instrument bespeel jij?
Hoe ben jij gestemd?
Passie en bevlogenheid zorgen voor betere prestaties.
Van eiland naar wijland!

Welcome to your Cathay Pacific learning page.

This page complements the sessions we are having together. We have a few things prepared for you and your team.

 Here are the Big Hairy Audacious Goals that came out the sessions

Last session we talked about the power of giving and receiving feedback. I asked you to give and receive feedback at least 5 times between the last and the next session. Please take a look at the video and open the reader for supporting your effort to do this exercise. Lot's of success and see you in Amsterdam.

Click on the picture to open the reader on giving and receiving feedback.

Hopefully it will help you in your development to become an even greater team. Here you will find my presentation.

You can find the list with important themes and the grades we gave during the sessions when you click here>>

If you want to download a personal actionplan click here>>

Here you will find a few assignments for the next session

  • First step is always listening to yourself. What are the instruments (teamroles) you can play. To discover this you play the orchestra game and fill out the online questionnaire. You will instantly get an email with your results (if not please check your spamfilter).
  • Take a good look at your results and ask for feedback from your friends, partner, relatives of colleagues. Ask them which of the instruments they reconize as being a part of your character. Ask 2 colleagues to fill out an orchestra game for you and fill out an orchestra game for 2 of your colleagues. You can use the same link play the orchester game.  Make shure when you fill out this test for a colleague to first fill in the name of your colleague and then your own name.
  • Do you want more background on the Belbin theory and take a look at all the roles ones again. Here are 3 videos that will help you with that. Click here for the videos. 
  • Once everyone in your department has completed the orchestra game en has received, at least, two profiles from other colleagues, then complete a team profile for your whole department to show what your orchestra looks like. Here you will find a video in which the making of a team profile is shown.

Click here to download a blank team profile.

In the next session we will be diving deeper into the goals (Big Hairy audacious ones;-) for your department or Cathay Pacific Benelux & Scandinavia. Please discuss possible goals within your team. We will be looking at these goals in the next sessions.

  • Here is a video on goal setting. Question: What are your team goals? Do they make you work together? Do they "turn you on"?

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