One of the most sought-after and popular guest speaker on teambuilding and resilience!

Successful teamwork, dealing with change, developing resilience to become future-proof? Keynote speaker Richard de Hoop knows how to take you along like no other during his interactive, inspiring and musical presentation.

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Richard de hoop als spreker over Veerkracht bij Philips
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Richard de Hoop

As a little boy, he asked his mother: "Mom, can I go to pop star school?" Even then, he was captivated by the power of words and the power of music. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of both makes his performance a unique experience. 

Richard uses music as a metaphor and a source of inspiration for businesses and interactions within them. He compares the range and diversity of peoples’ characters to musical instruments; thus a drum represents an active, motivated, hands-on pacesetter, whereas the horn is the unobtrusive yet observant team player. In his keynote speeches Richard de Hoop motivates his audience by calling on them to focus on the strengths of each individual and to place that person where he or she can best use their talents. Just as each instrument in an orchestra has its own musical role to play.

Handtekening Richard de Hoop
Richard de hoop aan het lachen om toekomstmuziek
Het orkestspel van Richard de Hoop

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The Orchestra Game

As a speaker on teamwork I use music as a metaphor. I compare musical instruments with characters of people. My Orchestra Game should be fun and is meant to provide you with an initial, specific indication of your preferred team roles. Colleagues at Belbin will forgive me for not wanting to make things too complicated here. The game version on the web page neither can nor is intended to replace the original Belbin Test. 

You can buy a Belbin Reports at any time. Simply go to or purchase the book „Management Teams: Why they succeed or fail“ by Meredith Belbin. 

This short instrument game is not a replacement of the original Belbin team roles questionnaire. The original Belbin team role test is reliable and validated, can be completed based on job requirements, enables 360 degree feedback from colleagues and can generate team, function and organisational reports. I can't do all that with this free online questionnaire. Please handle the results with care and if you want to play it safe, I can recommend the extensive, professional team role questionnaire. The costs are certainly not an obstacle. You can find more information on

Books on this subject I can heartily recommend are:

This is always fun

Nice reactions from the audience

Richard de Hoop knows how to empathise with the company culture. From the very first moment, he knows how to captivate the group and strike the right tone. The workshop is energetic and everyone is fascinated. Even after the workshop, the energy remains and everyone keeps a smile on their face.
Carla Reitsma, manager CPM
Richard knows how to inspire and motivate a full audience within minutes! What a passion! He compares characters with musical instruments. In a humorous way, people are made aware of their qualities and how they can make a positive contribution to the team.
Nicolette L.C. Zorn
Philips Lighting Benelux
An enthusiastic performance with bursts of energy! A wonderful mix of content, motivation, inspiration and humour. Recognisable for everyone, in all layers of the organisation. Clearly puts his finger on the sore spot and shows how to deal with it. Absolutely worthwhile!
Linda Osman
MBO Utrecht
A fantastic show that combines humour, music, energy and content in an inimitable and irresistible way.
Edwin Velsink
Marketing director, Olympia

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